That's a term I think originated with the food bloggers and has crept across various subcultures recently, and it's a term I really quite like.  "Don't yuck my yum" - stop trying to dampen my enthusiasm just because you're not fond of something.  Unfortunately this is a lesson I think we could do with learning in the wargaming community, given our obsession with being the "best" nerd in the room.

We all know at least one specimen of this particular guy who responds to any favourable mention of a system or model he doesn't like by immediately telling you how that company/system/game/model is terrible (and probably at great length).  Hell, I've done this myself (I can think of a time I did it in the last week) but I'm doing my best to stop as it's just toxic behaviour being poured into spaces I'm really fond of.

It doesn't help anyone, it's not a sign of your greater experience or "better" tastes or how much bigger you are than someone else - it's just you being a dick.  Being a dick because someone is enjoying and enthusiastic about the hobby that you share, and why do you want to put a downer on that?  This isn't an issue limited to the wargamers, it shows up on pretty much every subculture, but when there's so few of us you'd think we'd share in each others enjoyment rather than trying to ensure no one is excited or happy with anything, ever.  If you want a debate with someone over the merits of the system or model (which you probably don't even play/use) maybe you should ask them if they even want to hear your opinion (when they're not, you know, gushing over how happy they are with their new toy).

I can think about all the friendly people I've met at club and they all have it in common that they share in and encourage enthusiasm.  They'll let you rant about how happy you are with a new purchase and not try to bring you down about it.  One of the friendliest non-wargamers I know will happily indulge us going on about models without bringing us down from our nerd happy-place.  Club environments are supposed to be our little circle's safe space, yet they're full to the brim with people who think it's either funny or big to constantly put people and the hobby they enjoy down.  I've run out of patience with that.

It's no good for clubs, it's no good for wargaming as a hobby and it's no good for just being decent people.  Next time someone is telling you excitedly about that new model they love from that game you hate, do the entire wargaming community a favour and keep it to yourself.  Instead try to share in their excitement and just be glad that there's another happy wargamer that you can enjoy your hobby with.

Be friendly, be welcoming and encouraging to your fellow wargamers, and just stop being a dick when they like things you don't.

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