"I shall paint one model every week, without fail, for a year."

Wow, time flies when you have a new baby.  Not been able to get out of the whirlwind long enough to do much, but I did manage to finish my Necron Destroyer Lord, Svikarin, for a successful week nine.

Not much to say about this guy.  The model is top half Lichguard / Triarch Praetorian bits, the bottom half is just a Wraith's tail.  I thought as it's my warlord it was probably about time to give him a decent base (plus, as a Destroyer, legally he needs to be on at least a base as big as a large flying base), so I bought this base from Micro Art Studio and I'm pretty impressed.  I might start using more of their bases outside of my Infinity models.

The only thing left to do on him is to gloss up his armour plates, but that needs to wait until he's dry and been sealed.

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