Throne of Skulls was pretty exciting - we won a fair few awards and had a blast.  That's not what this article is about though, it's about an oath.  An oath made on the sun bathed balcony of Bugman's Bar.  Was it an oath of overconfidence?  An oath born of the heady flush of victory?  Time will tell, but for now I'll simply repeat it:

"I shall paint one model every week, without fail, for a year."

Fifty two models might not seem a lot, but when you remember that I've recently moved house (with a lot to do) and have my next child due very shortly, it's still a bold statement.

Each Monday I shall have finished a new model, though I can't "stack up" models to count for later weeks as that would be cheating.  The first model completed was a Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought for my Sanguine Swords army:

I can't finish the base because I'm missing some magnets I need.  This dread has an internal magnet at the top to attach to the magnet in my Stormraven's magna-grapple during flight, so I need to magnetise the base for while it's being carried.

Week two's model is a Nomad Lizard TAG from Infinity.  Will I finish it in time?  Well, the fact it's partially done in the completion photo above is kind of a hint... Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...