Seems a fair few people have some hate for this Space Marine flyer, but personally I really like the boxy Space-Marines-make-an-Apache look it has.  So I bought two (one is still boxed, but that's a different story) to add to the Sanguine Swords.  Let's have a look at what I did to ruin this particularly nice bit of grey plastic:

Airbrushing Basecoat

I'm well aware there should be the boring business of cutting, cleaning, gluing, undercoating here, but y'all know how to do those things, right?

It's a vehicle, so out came the airbrush and the lovely Mordian Blue and away we went.  From black boxy thing to almost-flyer in a few passes.  You can see there's some detail on the pilot at this point - if I'd known I was going to do an article on it I would have taken photos of that too, but I was rushing this for a tournament (which is why all the photos are iPhone quality too).

The raised plates and the gaps really helps define this model - something that the Rhino kit is showing its age on.  Even with just a blue basecoat the model has a very defined shape with detail showing up well.  Which helps in the hands of someone like me who hasn't got a steady enough hand for really good infantry, but gets bored on large vehicles easily.

Washing the Gaps

 Those plates and the gaps in them help this next step work.  Taking a dark blue wash and washing the plate gaps brings out even more definition to the edges of the plates.  Because I'm going over the plates themselves again with the basecoat colour once I'm done this is really, really easy.  You could just slather the wash on there and let it fall naturally, but I was a bit more careful so I'd have less cleanup work to do on the plates.

There's nothing clever going on elsewhere on the model - the pilot is painted my standard way for a 3rd Company Sanguine Sword (orange trim means SPEED, BABY), and the metal parts are based in the whatever the new GW boltgun metal is called again (leadbelcher?).

You can see how the wash brings the plates "up" from the body of the Talon though, even with my limited handiwork.  I might shut up about those plates by the end of the article, but I wouldn't count on it.

Trim and Highlights

After the wash I went over the edges of the plates with the basecoat colour to redefine the edges and remove some of the splatter from the wash.  Really easy, even I can do it without paying attention.

Once that's done I added the orange trim to designate the 3rd Company, which again is really easy thanks to the well-defined plates.  The canopy is a bit tricky to paint, but as long as you take your time it isn't so bad.  Worth having a damp brush and some wet cotton-buds nearby just in case you do slip onto the windows though.

 You can see that my initial line highlight is fairly sloppy.  I hadn't intended it to be so, but I was rushing this a little bit and my hand isn't very steady at the best of times.  As we've not washed the plates themselves though it's very easy to touch up.  I've also hit the metal with a wash of Nuln Oil to define the sections of the engine and add a bit of dirt to the look.

I'm still fairly unsure where to add line highlights to big flat sections when they join up.  I usually just go for one of the edges, but often I can't be sure if I shouldn't do both when actually painting them.

Glazing and Touchups

I might have mentioned before, but I love the new GW glazes.  For someone like me who hasn't got the time or the talent for some really good blending or layering technique, they let me emulate the basic look without triggering the "Tron-effect".  What the glazes do is tone down the brightness of the line highlight to match the darker colours, which helps keep the highlights looking like highlights rather than as if someone just randomly vandalised the craft with some bright blue paint.

You can also see that I've touched up some of my more shoddy-looking highlight work, as some of the thick blodges really ruined the time I'd put into the model.  Painting the edges of the canopy bars was rather a difficult task for me, which is why there's no highlighting on the canopy at all - I just couldn't hold steady enough without running the risk of ruining the clear canopy.

I really like the model, and I'm pretty proud of my work on it (even if I am self-deprecating).  She's not all that in game terms, but as a model in my collection I'm happy to have her. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...