Been a while, huh?  Some of that is due to family problems, but mostly it's because I've been too busy doing actually hobby stuff to write about it.  It's safe to say that I'm very happy with how Sixth Edition is working out so far, and it has shook the meta up enough to encourage new builds and new lists (despite Necrons supposedly being the top dog right now, I've been playing Space Marines for the additional choice their Codex brings).  Everything old is new again.

What's Coming Up?

I've got 40k Doubles coming up in September, for which I need to paint only half a dozen models.  This is a first in that I'm actually taking an army that's nearly complete, but I somehow still suspect I'll be painting like a daemon that last week before the event.  I'm trying out the new Citadel paints properly for these models and so far it's coming out well.

I've also been expanding the Sanguine Swords with flyers which so far consists of two Storm Talons and a Storm Raven (used under the Grey Knight allies rules).  The new Dark Vengeance set will help fill out the Tactical Squads, as I'm unhappy with what are now ten or eleven year old paint jobs and would love to redo those models.

The Necron army has embraced Sixth with gusto, with Necron Warriors returning to the fore and the Scythe kits being a huge boon.  They're still odd when you're used to playing Marines, but they work very well.  Compared to the suffering of pre-Codex fifth, it's nice to be able to use Necrons competitively again.  My beloved Deathmarks are now worthwhile too, but join Tyranids in waiting for the spam to pop out the can.

Now if you'll excuse me, I really need to get back to painting...
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