There is only war!

Sixth edition hit yesterday and after some quick skimming (not giving it my full time until Monday night) it looks like it's going achieve most everything I want from it.  I wasn't going to make a post at this point, but the amount of DOOOM posting I see again made me realise that I have to raise my voice, lest the signal get lost in the noise.  You can't stop the signal.

Fifth's Bugbears
The biggest issues with fifth were undeniably a slant towards mechanised armies (that is, armies with copious transports) and wound-allocation stupidity ("I have to do HOW MANY wounds to kill just one Paladin?!").

The first issue has been fixed, but it's too early to tell if it's going to hold.  You can glance transports to death easily now, transports cannot claim NOR contest objectives.  You can only assault out of Open Topped or Assault vehicles, even if stationary.  No more parking Rhinos on objectives to add its ablative armour (and probably its smokes) to the squad while they claim.  No more tank-shocking empty Rhinos onto objectives to contest them late-game.  Transports bring mobility and some protection against small-arms fire (unless said small-arms are pulse rifles, then you're in trouble), but in return you lose your assault potential, you lose shots on the move, you gain vulnerability to anti-tank fire and you lose your ability to claim objectives.  That's a pretty fair trade I'd say - you'll still see transports, but they're no longer an auto-include for every squad.

Flying transports are an interesting one.  The Necron Night Scythe can deploy units while zooming and doesn't auto-kill the squad inside if it blows, so it's an edge case.  The Valkyrie and the Storm Raven have to hover or use their special deployments (which allow units to Deep Strike from the cargo bay, essentially), so it's going to be interesting to see how this pans out.  You rarely see the Valkyrie due to its better-in-all-ways cousin the Vendetta though and I don't expect this to change.

Wound allocation is now "From the front" - you roll against majority toughness (as now), you then roll armour saves and allocate unsaved wounds to the closest models to the enemy inflicting the wounds.  I love this.  I really, really do.  Fast units with anti-infantry fire can now break your formations (it was a good idea keeping that guy at the back, until I was behind you), and attempting to bubble-wrap your special infantry results in an almost-perfect large blast formation.  Moving that meltagun right to the front for that six inch melta shot now means he's the first to die in the retribution, as well as the most likely to die in the explosion.

Fantastic Men in Their Flying Machines
Fliers look good.  The rules are solid, they actually feel like fliers and they're going to bring a useful and interesting addition to the game.  The Razorwing is still horrendously good, as is the Vendetta, but as this category fills out it's going to be interesting.  The only flier I'm not convinced about is the Storm Raven - its role as heavy-flyer/transport is a little odd, but I don't use one so I'll wait to see how they play out.

The Necron Night Scythe and Doom Scythe actually perform as advertised now, which is a good thing.  The Space Marine Storm Talon looks like it's going to be a fun unit for my bike army, which is where it lives at the moment anyway.

Making More Sense
Night Fighting now gives a set restriction based on distance and those with Night Vision ignore it completely (Dark Eldar continue to rain on my parade).  No more firing from 36" and hitting like it was day time, and no more missing from 7" on a bad roll.

You no longer put twenty holes in a tank and still have it live on through shaken/stunned results.  Hull Points has made this a thing of the past (thankfully).

No longer can you fire your guns better if the vehicle moves 12" and then you get out than if you stay inside.

Models with a "Repair" rule, such as Tech-Marines and Canoptek Spyders can repair hull points, and their repairs now take effect immediately.  You no longer have to wait for next turn to use that repaired gun.

Whip Coils and Lash Whips override Grey Knight Force Halberds again.  Finally.

Be The Soldier We Need
There's a lot of doom and gloom out there.  Ignore it.  Read the rules carefully and then think clearly about your army.  Adapting to this edition faster than those around you is going to win you many, many games.  My favourite Dark Eldar opponent is already focusing on what he can do to his "Nearly always tables you" army to swing Sixth to his favour.  You can be sure he'll do it too.  I think this edition is a good thing for the game, but whether it's a good thing for you depends solely on your ability to adapt well and play well.

It's an edition change - throw away all your previous conceptions of how to build an army and start again.  You'll find things that weren't accounted for and things that weren't viable last edition suddenly being powerful.

We have the ships.  We have the weapons.  We need soldiers. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...