Wheeew.  This Throne of Skulls was my first solo Games Workshop event and even though I was sick, I still had a blast.  I didn't have a bad opponent all day and the events team were their usual enthusiastic selves, which I find really adds to the atmosphere.
You can see the list I took in one of my earlier posts, here, but without further delay let's get to the games!

Game Zero - Blood Angels
Ok, so I lied, we've got one further thing to cover before I start the true run-down.  One of our members of "Team Fail" had to drop out at short notice, so we press-ganged a replacement.  This man had no 40k experience whatsoever, though he did used to play WFB with us waaay back in the distant past of our student days.

I.  Got.  Trounced.  By a man who had never played the game before.  There's something about that particular Blood Angel army I just can't counter and a lot of my planned changes to the army were inspired by this game.

Game One - Tyranids
My first game was Annihilation against the Tyranids.  Two Tervigons, two Trygons (one Prime) and misc gribblies rounded out the force.  The first few turns didn't go well for me - Tesla wasn't kicking off fast enough to rip squads open and I wasn't concentrating my fire properly.  The arrival of the first Trygon off to my right flank provided all the motivation I needed to get focused though - tesla fire ripped several holes in it before my Overlord charged it and convinced it to claw itself to death (go Mindshackle Scarabs!).

Defeating the first Trygon deepstrike was the turning point.  Bringing the force around I knocked off the few remaining Tervigon wounds and set about destroying weakened squads for the Kill Points.  When the second Trygon arrived I backed off, took it's armour off with a lucky Harp of Dissonance wound and then blasted it to oblivion with small arms fire.

The game ended with a solid Necron victory.

Game Two - Imperial Guard (WWI Style)
I wish I had some photos of this army.  I'd stopped taking them when I realised that using the camera was making my already pounding head much, much worse.  I was sitting across from a fully infantry, fully ratling, WWI-themed Imperial Guard army.  It looked great.

The game was three objectives with Dawn of War deployment.  He deployed his entire army, with nine missile launchers, three heavy bolters and three mortars all sat on top of what can only be described as the Hill of DOOM.  I deployed one measly Ark, but I managed to hide it behind the one piece of line-of-sight blocking terrain I had on my side of the board.  This building proved absolutely vital to the battle.

Nothing hugely dramatic happened during the course of the fight.  My forces constantly and consistently took wounds off the infantry squads and pushed them further and further from the objectives.  My opponent's deployment and army were a perfect tutorial in using terrain to cover an advance - if I stepped into the wrong fire lane I would be obliterated without mercy.

Necron resilience played a huge part in this fight, as did his repeated failures to make order rolls (which often stopped his orders dead on double six).  If he's gotten more "Bring it Down!" and "First rank fire, second rank fire" rolls off, it would have been a much, much harder fight.  As it was, Necrons stomped to victory with all three objectives in our cold, metal hands.

Game Three - Space Wolves
Oh boy, did I handle this badly.  Panicked by a front-line Drop Pod assault and worried about Long Fangs I spread out in a really stupid way, then failed to contract and focus in the margin where I could have pulled it back.

The Long Fangs didn't really do anything, but the sheer assault weight of the Wolves tore my troops apart and left me tabled on turn five.  Playing it over in my head I think I could easily have won this one but I panicked, I didn't think straight and I played right into his hands.  Necrons don't like assault, Space Wolves do.

No pictures of the GK game,
instead here's our sexy DE player.
Game Four - Grey Knights
This was a fantastic game and took home my "favourite game" vote.  The Grey Knights were fielding a Storm Raven, at least three Strike Squads with Razorbacks, one Psyfleman dread and another Lascannon dread.  Oh, and seven Death Cult Assassins all named after the seven deadly sins.  Nice.

The game was again objectives, this time with four points of control, and pitched battle.  I deployed to solidly hold one of the objectives and positioned the Ghost Arks to make a slow move onto another one just outside my deployment zone.  It didn't go exactly to plan.

I misjudged a distance early on and got charged by the DCA just before I intended to wipe them off the field with Tesla fire, losing me a unit of Scarabs.  My second unit of Scarabs and eventually some Eldritch Lance fire managed to obliterate the opposing HQ, but not without giving up the last of my Scarab bases.  Focus fire from the Annihilation Barges brought the Storm Raven down, but not before it knocked one of the Arks out of the sky before it got to the objective.  The Lascannon dread charged the Warrior unit before it could get clear of the wreck and they were both stuck there for the rest of the game.

My Overlord got his ride taken out from under him and was left in combat with the Psyfleman for most of the game, completely failing to land useful hits despite his tank-killing scythe of win.  The final turns ended with a mad dash to the remaining objectives.  After the second Ghost Ark disgorged its cargo onto the 3rd objective (which made the game one to the Necrons, one to the Grey Knights and one contested by both) it moved in on a strike squad and immobilised them in the middle of the field but failed to strike a killing blow.

The game ended on turn six with a very close draw.  I think turn seven would have seen a Necron victory, but then I would think that, wouldn't I?

My opponent in this game was really good fun to play against as he took both good luck and bad luck with the same equal humour and really got into the narrative of the battle.  It really does make all the difference when you realise that you don't care if you win or lose a game, you're just having a blast fighting tooth and nail with a fun opponent.

Game Five - Imperial Guard
This game was less fun - Kill Points against a tank-heavy, mech-Guard army.  The moment I deployed I could see that I was in for a real slog against the firepower opposite me.  There were more than enough guns to punch my Immortals off the field without risking return fire and I could be consistently out-ranged by most everything in his army.  It got worse from there as I realised I was playing a true competitive player - he really knew the rules and he was playing for every last advantage he could get.  I think he made one bad decision in the entire game, whereas I made several within my first turn.  I spent most of the game hunkering down in a ruin, afraid to step into the open and waiting mouths of the battle cannons (which continued to pound the ruin, but at least I got a save then).

I fought hard, but I was out-ranged and out-gunned.  I managed to collapse a flank but he brought his army further back out of my reach, leaving me holding another worthless clump of dirt and a couple of KP.

This game really pushed home both the weaknesses of Immortals without transports and the liability that Scarab Swarms can be when your opponent really knows how to deal with them.  I'd been mulling over swapping the Swarms out for the Triarch Stalker already, but after this game it was a done deal.  More AV13 is a lot better than the multilaser-bait that Scarabs are when facing mech-Guard.

Final Standing
The only picture of a nearly-complete Team Fail
Two wins, two loses and a draw.  This put me slightly higher than average for the Necron armies present (even if there were at least two in the top five tables), and that's ok with me.  Next time I'll do better, several weaknesses in my list/play were exposed by facing off against opponents I hadn't seen before so that's added to my experience.  I still have only one Dark Eldar game under my belt with the 'Crons, so hopefully I can get a few of those in before the next Throne of Skulls.

Our stand-out member of "Team Fail" was our Dark Eldar player - four wins and one loss put him joint-top of the Dark Eldar players, but as his list was hand-written he lost out on the top slot.  Next time, it shall be his. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...