Sunday, 27 May 2012

Throne of Skulls, April 2012

Wheeew.  This Throne of Skulls was my first solo Games Workshop event and even though I was sick, I still had a blast.  I didn't have a bad opponent all day and the events team were their usual enthusiastic selves, which I find really adds to the atmosphere.
You can see the list I took in one of my earlier posts, here, but without further delay let's get to the games!

Game Zero - Blood Angels
Ok, so I lied, we've got one further thing to cover before I start the true run-down.  One of our members of "Team Fail" had to drop out at short notice, so we press-ganged a replacement.  This man had no 40k experience whatsoever, though he did used to play WFB with us waaay back in the distant past of our student days.

I.  Got.  Trounced.  By a man who had never played the game before.  There's something about that particular Blood Angel army I just can't counter and a lot of my planned changes to the army were inspired by this game.
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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tentacle Bento - Will Not Be Silenced

Recently there was a Kickstarter campaign by the fairly well known Soda Pop Miniatures (Relic Knights / Super Dungeon Explore) to make a parody card game based on the dating-sim games of Japan.  I was totally all over that.  Quick, silly card game with cartoon schoolgirls is pretty much top of my "pay attention to me" list.

Until a blogger got upset and Kotaku kicked up a fuss - that caused Kickstarter to pull the project at about the 210% funded mark without even speaking to Soda Pop or seemingly doing any research at all.  Which is a major bummer and rather a nasty mark against Kickstarter.  I don't like censorship in my media, especially uninformed censorship.

Soda Pop have moved their fund raising efforts to their own website, so if this game sounds like it might appeal to you at all (if you've bought anything from Soda Pop in the past, you're likely to at least want to take a look) please go and have a gander at the project over at Soda Pop Girls.

You don't have to like it, but I'd appreciate it if you took a look.  If you'd like a slightly longer version of events and some links to other crowd-funded projects that are worth a look, jump over to Frontline Gamer's post here.

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Monday, 14 May 2012

Games That Define Us

(As suggested by Frontline Gamer's post here).

Ten games that define me as a wargamer, well now, that's rather a difficult one.  You should all know these games, or at least most of them, but they're what brought me to where I am today (and will explain a large portion of my unwillingness to abandon the Big Dog).  The years are roughly when I started playing them, according to the dim haze of my memory.

Game One: Warhammer Fantasy Battle Fourth Edition (1995)

This was my first wargame, if you're not counting Chess.  I split a starter box with a friend, though I had to paint the horrible little goblin spearmen for him, just so I could get the High Elves.  I doubt we played it right, and my Prince Imrik spent longer off the table "Flying High" than he did actually involved in the games.  I  loved every game of it as only a child could.
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