You might have noticed a severe lack of content around here lately.  The reasons for that are three-fold, starting with this one:

This game owns me.  Totally.  The ending sucked all the donkeys, but it was a few minutes of poor in a world of awesome.

Alas, it did stop me from doing what I should have been doing, which was this:

ARGH!  So, as if my other addictions weren't enough to slow my painting progress it was also a heavy time of work and family commitments (my spawn just had his second birthday, yay!).  So I've not been painting in preparation for Throne of Skulls, which in turn means all my spare time that I would be blogging has instead been in painting.  I'm getting there though, some of the models might even look half decent but I wouldn't count on it.

The list I'm taking is exactly as posted about here, as my weeks of play-testing haven't revealed any major issues that aren't inherent to the Necron army as a whole.  I'm feeling pretty confident with that list, but I'm going to have to be on my toes.  There's a lot of nasty things that can happen and make my entire battle plan collapse around me if I'm not watching the basics.

Sixteen painting-hours to go.  Five infantry models to paint, three barges and ten swarm bases.  It's all doable.  If I survive the caffeine overdose.  If.
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