This is less of a review and more of a gush.  You've been warned.

Now that's out of the way, I love these markers.  Given Infinity's reliance on markers (there's usually more markers on table than miniatures) I wasn't particularly pleased with the print-outs-on-slottabases approach, and just leaving coloured dice works for a while but bogs the game down with "What's that one mean again?".  These markers solve that.  They're at-a-glance clear, they have the name of what they represent printed on them and they use the exact symbols from the rulebook.  All this leads to a very nice set of markers that enhance the game.

I'm going to address the main issue I hear raised about these - they're too expensive.  In my opinion, they're not.  Some of Micro Art Studio's stuff is (£15 for something GW sell for £5 being the optimal example), but these are worth the price without any reservations.  I bought three sets, broken down as follows:

  • Special Markers Set 2 - 1x Suppression Fire, 2x Immobilise, 2x Disabled, 1x Possessed, 2x Prone, 1x Fox Hole, 1x Team Leader and 1x Unloaded.
  • Deployable Markers Set 1 - 3x Repeater, 3x Mines, 3x E/Mauler, 3x Unloaded.
  • Camouflage Markers, Urban - 5x Camo (1-5), 1x Burnt.
That whole lot set me back around £15.  GW's 40k markers (I think I'm the only person who ever bought these) which are just green acrylic with rather arcane symbols on them are £10 and while there are more of them in the GW set the quality just doesn't compare.  That set above covers my Nomad army without any issues and I'd only need maybe a TO Camo set or the Special Markers Set 1 to cover most any Infinity army I go on to from here.

Right, that's enough about the price let's get on to the product itself.  They are clear acrylic disks with the official markers on the back, and then covered on the underside with a protective coating.  They look fantastic and have so far stood up well to being tossed around.  I might add a quick varnish layer or something to the bottom just to make them really durable, but I don't think this is necessary really.  The quality of the prints is a little lacking up close (you can see the pixels), but on the right is the closest shot I could get and you can't really see it.  From anything other than a few inches in front of your face the quality is perfect.

The clear acrylic gives them a rather pleasing "glow" effect when viewed from an angle (such as on a table top, unless you play harnessed to the ceiling for the true orbital-command experience), and allows the markers to be identified from across the table with ease.

The bottom line is that you don't need these to play Infinity, but they make it so much easier.  No more home-grown tokens littering the nicely-created battlefield and no more trying to remember what the red dice mean (or was it the green dice?).  The only markers I think are a waste are the Order markers, but even they will have a use for some people.


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