Most of you will be unfamiliar with Funfest.  That's primarily because it only exists between about half a dozen of my fellow gamers, but the concept is quite simple - go to a venue with great tables and bring your "fun" lists rather than the competitive list you're grooming.  So, early in March we went to Warhammer World in good old Lenton Lane and played some great games.  I love Warhammer World - if you're in the UK and you play Games Workshop games you should get down there on a weekend, it's a great place.

The armies in attendance were seven thousand points of Dark Angels, around three thousand points of Tyranids, two thousand of Chaos (Wordbearers), two thousand of Imperial Guard, some one and a half thousand of Ultramarines, one and a half thousand points of Draigowing (Blood Raven Librarian army) and two thousand of my own Space Marines (Sanguine Swords).

The two battles I took part in were a seven and a half thousand point mashup of Wordbearers, Sanguine Swords, Imperial Guard and Tyranids versus the massive Dark Angels force and a three thousand Dark Angels / Sanguine Swords alliance against the Tyranids.  I also played the Draigowing, but I'm not going to talk about how badly that went.  Without further rambling, here's the photos from the day:

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