Don't you just hate it when a flying stem snaps?  I mean, they're cheap enough to replace but it's not the cost that's the problem.  You're going to be spending at least thirty minutes drilling out the old stem then repairing, repainting and reflocking the base.  All in all it's a complete pain.  I was just becoming comfortable with using the original stems "as is" (I magnetise all my Land Speeder stems, but that's not necessary or easy for the Necron vehicles) when disaster struck and I decided to investigate sturdier options.  I wasn't particularly happy with just replacing it with brass rod and was left thinking "Why oh why do they have to be stupid, brittle acrylic?".  Then a lucky Google turned up a thread on Warseer (rare to get something useful there, I know, but bear with me) that led me to the following person.

Enter Speepy
He makes replacement flying stems out of aircraft-grade aluminium and sells them on eBay, and they're great.  These things are solid and aren't at all brittle like the clear acrylic ones.  Given that Games Workshop have seemingly learnt their lesson with the new Necron skimmers and the sockets take the stem proper into the model rather than just the nub on the end this should result in a very solid flying stand.  Watching a case collapse onto my Ghost Ark and snap the flying stand in half (leaving a lot of it inside the model), I'm especially concerned about the strength of the stem itself.  These stems are slightly rough on the surface too so that they're easy to prime and paint.

Having played with those wonderful blue boxes for so long, the Necron vehicles feel fragile in comparison.  These stands are great and go a very long way to sorting out that problem.  If you really like that transparent look that the acrylic stands provide then they're not for you, but they're exactly what I was looking for.  Including shipping to the UK and six 3/4" stems I paid about £12, which is a little steep but nothing insurmountable when you consider they'll be used on roughly £140's worth of models and time.

Link to Speepy's eBay store here, and the stems I bought here. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...