More in progress shots of Grey and Violet, my first two painted Moderators for my Bakunin force.  I shall attempt to excuse myself by pointing out that I play Necrons and Space Marines - I don't have to paint flesh or faces, ever (no super-soldier would ever leave his helmet at home) so this was my first real painting experience with these things in a long, long time.  Excuses aside, let's see the shots.

This is the same moderator from my last post, with a little more work.  Primarily this has revolved around me trying to remember how to use washes.  The armour plates have been line-highlighted with a 50/50 mix of Hawk Turquise and Ice Blue, then washed twice with Asurman Blue.  The flesh was highlighted in Elf Flesh before having several coats of Ogryn Flesh washed over the top to bring out the musculature.  The hair was washed with Badab Black (this was the single easiest and most striking of the washes, and really helped create a head of hair rather than a grey blob).

The metal and trousers were also washed with Badab Black, and the orange parts of the armour washed with Baal Red.  The wash on the orange didn't do much and I'm not sure I'll bother on the next model.  Maybe some Devlan Mud might have brought out the shadows better there?
I'm pretty happy with Grey at this point.  I'm not going to risk ruining the face with painting the eyes as they're too close to the gun.  He's by no means perfect, but he's a good start for my Nomads.

I really must get around to painting his resin base so that I can see the completed effect.  As a friend is fond of saying, "bases and faces" can save a mediocre model.  I hate that no matter how proud I am of a model in actual, the camera always shows up areas that need redoing.  I think if I actually redid each mistake I saw in the photographs I'd never field a single model!

Violet has also come along a bit.  She has a rather uncomfortable resemblance to Morph at this point, but she's getting there.  Again, I can only make the excuse that it's been probably about half a decade since the last time I had to paint an actual face.  All the colours are the same as for Grey above, though her hair is a layer of Liche Purple that's been dry-brushed with Warlock Purple and then washed down with Leviathan Purple.  This was a really pleasing combination and the dry-brush of Warlock toned down into the Liche much better than I was expecting once the wash had been applied.

She still needs the line highlighting on her armour and weapon, along with some touch up work in quite a few places and her coat of washes.  I'm still rather happy with how she's turned out though.  A definite improvement for me.

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