Thursday, 22 December 2011

State of the Game - Infinity (Part One)

I've talked about Infinity a few times and you've seen posts about the models I'm very slowly painting for it.  You might also have gotten the feeling that I'm a little bit opposed to the game, which is not the case at all.  While I tend to react to the "BEST. GAME. EVAR." praise that gets thrown around, I do like the game a great deal.

So here's my attempt to give you a run down of how I see Infinity.  I'll probably put this out as a few short articles to try and give a balance of points, then move on to other gaming systems I play.  These will be fairly opinionated, but maybe they'll help someone looking at a new system make better decisions.  They'll also be very high-level, as I could write a complete article on each point but I'd not be finished until half way through next year.  Expect not in-depth reviews, but rather what I would bring up if a new club member asked me "What do you think of game X?"

We'll start with the best parts of Infinity.
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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Moderators WIP 2: Grey and Violet

More in progress shots of Grey and Violet, my first two painted Moderators for my Bakunin force.  I shall attempt to excuse myself by pointing out that I play Necrons and Space Marines - I don't have to paint flesh or faces, ever (no super-soldier would ever leave his helmet at home) so this was my first real painting experience with these things in a long, long time.  Excuses aside, let's see the shots.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Deathmarks Vs Immortals

I love the look of the Deathmarks - when the pictures of the models were first leaked I'm on record as saying "No matter how bad they are, I'm getting them into a list".  Then I made my lists (and assembled my Immortal/Deathmark kits) and there was nary a Deathmark in sight.  Was I wrong?  Let's take a look with the help of some wonderful mathhammer!
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