I've played just over half a dozen games with the new Necrons now and am starting to get a feel for how they operate, at least for me.  They've surprised me in a few ways and an old friend and I have had our relationship come to a rocky end.

Ark of win
The Initial List
Overlord, Warscythe, Command Barge
Two Harbingers of Destruction, One Solar Pulse
One Lord, Ressurection Orb

Nine Warriors, Ghost Ark
Nine Warriors, Ghost Ark
Ten Immortals with Tesla Carbines

Two units of five Scarabs

Two Annihilation Barges

This was the initial list.  The two Crypteks joined the warrior squads in their Ghost Arks while the Lord joined the Immortals squad to up their staying power when squatting objectives.  The Monolith was to give something to absorb firepower and to allow the teleportation tricks that I had relied upon during fourth edition.

It didn't work out that way.  While the Arks proved to be much more durable than I had anticipated (AV13 is a lot tougher of a nut to crack than the AV11 I'm used to) they were still taking the majority of the firepower.  Opponents didn't rate the Monolith as a threat and it simply has no way to convince them otherwise.  By the time the Monolith is in range it's easy prey for melta and other short-range tankbusting weaponry.  Hell, at 24" you're going to end up with close-combat tank squads easily popping you (it can't move faster than 6" a turn, so it's always hit on 4+ in close combat).  Even when you do fire it lacks any kind of real punch.  A battle cannon is scary because it can hit you from across the board - at 24" range it really isn't a worry.

The Arks put out a respectable amount of firepower though.  They can reliably inflict 3/4 glancing hits per turn on vehicles nearby, potentially even better if your Eldritch Lance hits home.  I'm not used to having Troops choices be worthwhile, so it took some adjusting to before I started using them properly.

Scarabs are great.  Opponents haven't yet learnt to prioritise them properly and the vehicle-heavy metagame means that template/blast weaponry that makes short work of them simply isn't present right now.  Expect their usefulness to drop as people gain experience and adapt their tactics, but for now they are amazing.  Once people are dealing with them they'll still be good, but not so stupidly powerful.  Annihilation Barges are a great use of just under a hundred points and let you use the funky Tesla mechanic.

The Adapted List
Box of fail
Overlord, Warscythe, Command Barge
Two Harbingers of Destruction, Solar Pulse

Nine Warriors, Ghost Ark
Nine Warriors, Ghost Ark
Ten Immortals with Tesla Carbines

Two units of five Scarabs each
Three Wraiths, two Whip Coils, two particle pistols

Two Annihilation Barges
One unit of two Spyders, one Gloom Prism

It's been fun, Monolith.  You've inspired great songs ("Monolith... monolith... MONOLITH... Mono-D'OH!") but your role in this list is over, gone, kaput.  Sorry.  We can still be friends.

Dropping the Monolith and the Lord (if the opponent REALLY wants those Immortals off the board, he'll make sure they're all gone.  The 5+ RP roll protects you well enough against random shooting) gives us 265 points to work with.

Scarabs are great, so let's get them some support.  Two Canoptek Spyders comes in at a hundred points, adding a Gloom Prism to one of them gives the Scarabs some psychic defence and allows us to do wound-allocation tricks.  You won't get to make more than four bases at most before the Scarabs leap away from the Spyders to do their work, but that's about half the cost of the unit recouped.  Not too shabby.  When the Spyders DO catch up to the Scarabs they'll make short work of slow-moving vehicles or non-cc infantry.  In the best world our opponent sees the Spyders create Scarabs and focuses on bringing them down rather than taking out the dangerous Scarabs.

That leaves us about 150 points left.  We could do with a decent counter-charge or front-line unit to give our opponent something to worry about other than the Scarabs (we want to distract as much attention as possible from our vulnerable little friends).  Canoptek Wraiths fit this role perfectly.  A couple of lash whips, because frankly they need them to do the job, and a particle pistol or two gives us yet more wound-allocation junk.

Throw a 2+ save on the Overlord, because that invulnerable save is just too expensive when you're using him as a missile, and we're done.

Extra Note
Disco Necron of necessity
You need the Solar Pulse.  Without this you'll die horribly to the first-turn shooting.  You literally cannot build a Necron army without the pulse or Imotekh.  Be afraid of Dark Eldar and Space Wolves, as they WILL hurt you earlier than you're used to, and don't rely on the pulse to protect you - position yourself as if Night Fighting wasn't in effect, and take the shots that miss as a bonus.

Either take at least one Harbinger of Destruction with a Solar Pulse, or take Imotekh.  Not taking either invites destruction for this midfield-centric army. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...