This is a very quick summary of what I think of each unit from a gaming perspective.  It's by no means in depth and will miss clever tricks.  I'm also not going into the Special Characters for now.

Overlord - Competent HQ choice.  Same as before but I2.  Phase shifter is way expensive.  Command Barge and Warscythe ("Overmissile") seems the obvious choice.

Destroyer Lord - No Invulnerable save is going to hurt him, but you're most likely taking him to keep a Ressurection Orb nearby fast moving units.  Does this well and is as close to a combat character as we get.

Royal Court - Lords are a bit meh (they won't save you in CC), but can carry Ressurection Orbs.  Crypteks are the stars of the show, with Destruction Crypteks looking like the obvious choice against most opponents.

Flayed Ones - No.  Just no.  Not even for how cheap they are.

Triarch Praetorians - Anti-Terminator firepower good, six inch range bad.  One attack in CC for an assault unit?  Pass.  Not enough attacks to make use of alternate Entropic and Rending loadout.

Lychguard - With Warscythes are begging for a Night Scythe transport to wreck up parking lots / MCs.  Add in the Dispersion Shields and you have a nice combat unit with a 4++ and an awesome model.  Unique "deflection rule" makes them interesting.  No leadership rules means you WILL die if you lose combat.  Don't.  Potential "Thunder-Bubble" unit?

Triarch Stalker - AV13 walker with a two-shot multimelta and markerlight.  Good.  Very good.  Wade in close and cause trouble.  No model yet.

C'Tan Shard - Expensive and vulnerable MC.  Can take some game-changing special abilities, but need to be carefully considered and supported for their cost.

Deathmarks - 24" rapid fire snipers.  In this edition they aren't worth the points, but rumours have them coming into their own in sixth.

Warriors - They're warriors.  Now only have a 4+ armour save but are much cheaper.  Can take a Ghost Ark which is half transport half repair station.  Solid choice, and no longer MEQ (yay!).

Immortals - 3+ save warriors, equipped with either rapid fire Heavy Bolters or Tesla Carbines.  Unsure as to which works out best.

Fast Attack
Wraiths - Good before, good now.  Can reduce enemy to I1, have rending and two wounds, but have I2 and no self-repair.

Scarabs - Awesome.  Cheap, easily spammed and will literally eat tanks.  What they were good for before they're even better at now.

Tomb Blades - Immortals on jet bikes.  No thanks, unless I missed something.

Destroyers - Better against MEQ, worse against hordes.  Can be upgraded to Lascannon-wielding Heavy Destroyers for some missing long-range punch.

Heavy Support
Doomsday Ark - Long-range, non-ordnance Vindicator.  Expensive.  Pass.

Annihilation Barge - Cheap AV13 Rifleman.  Not as good at destroying vehicles as the Rifleman, but can severely annoy light armour (often to death).  For the points a very good unit.  Shame it isn't "Fast".

Monolith - Still durable, but short-ranged.  Primary purpose is to allow Necron reserve manipulation, which is does very well.  Teleport tricks are still its goal.

Spyders - Unsure here.  Could be good, could be a lot of points for not much power.  Techmarine upgrade doesn't seem worth it as the open-topped, quantum-shielded nature of our vehicles means we're not often going to be crippled without being destroyed.  Ability to make Scarabs is their main deal.  Really poor and over-costed psychic defence upgrade too.

Doom Scythe - This thing looks amazing.  Very powerful but potentially short-ranged gun, along with the same armament as the Annihilation Barge.  Can fire all weapons and move 12".  Can move up to 36".  Downside is that it's an expensive AV11 unit, and it WILL attract all the firepower your opponent can throw at it.

Command Barge - IC transport with under-slung anti-infantry gun.  Allows the embarked character to swipe at units he passes over.  Sounds good, yet to see it on the table.

Ghost Ark - Ten-man Warrior transport with repair abilities and independently-targeting anti-infantry firepower.  Not a "Mhetal Bawks", do not use as such.

Night Scythe - Almost worth the price of admission just for the guns.  Fast-moving but vulnerable transport.  Needs Monolith support or risks losing transported unit back into reserve.

Overall I'm happy.  We're a midfield army with more staying power than Grey Knights, but less combat punch.  Nothing obviously broken, a couple of inefficient units but still a lot of choice.  Can't wait to put them to the test. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...