Things have been very busy (personally, professionally and hobby-i-lly?) in the Geneseed world recently so as a quick update here's what's going on and what you can expect to see full articles on:

Charity Efforts
I won't be doing a full article on this but last Friday was Children In Need here in the UK ( and I took up the call by shaving twelve years of hair off my head (which came out at about 22" on the longest part).  You can find out more about this on my Just Giving page here   We raised £777 for Children In Need, I'm so proud of all those who donated.

For the sadistic, you can also watch the video of the event below.

The Tomb World
I've started work on my board (finally) primarily using a mix of B&Q paint, builders sand and PVA glue.  It's worked a lot better than I expected on my test tile, but I haven't had time to finish it off or begin work on the other sections of the board (it takes over a day to dry).  Quick picture of awful quality.  The surface has come out great, though it really needs sealing with a few coats of watered-down PVA.  We played a few games on it over the weekend that took their toll on the surface without having that sealant in place.  I'll need to touch up the damage, get that lava-glow finished and tidied up and then sealed all over.

Still happy with the Realms of Battle Board, it was a great (impulse) purchase.  I'll be doing a simple step-by-step on the next tile for an article.

The Necrons Awaken
With the new release I've been scrabbling to get my Necron army to a playable state based on our shiny new Codex.  Finally got 1500 points assembled for the weekend of Nerdvember and they played much better than I expected.

I might be in love with having AV13 transports rather than watching Rhinos get blown away by small arms fire.  We're tough and our auto-glance rule is now worth something again with our newly found mobility.  I really enjoy the Tesla mechanic, which is similar to Spartan Games' "Exploding Sixes" without causing the complete randomness that I dislike so much in those games.  My current list is doing well so far and I'm confident going forwards.  I can't wait to see the lists and strategies that my opponents come up with to counter me.
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