My Sorylian Collective fleet for Firestorm Armada arrived the other day, so here's a quick run down of the starter fleet.

You get six of these little guys...
Little ships that are used to harass in greater numbers or form defensive screens around your bigger ships.  You've seen a fleet-based sci-fi, you know the drill.  These are one piece resin with a metal engine cap, which needed some filing of the resin at the back to actually fit (on all the models).  Nothing strenuous and it glued very easily.  I must say, I'm really not fond of those huge engine caps jutting out from the body of the ship.

Three of these middleweights...
Cruisers are your middle-weights.  Mostly they're poor stand-ins for the big fish, but the newer R&D Cruisers bring some very interesting support and combined arms strategies to the table.  The starter box ones are just the "medium" guys - big enough to take on the Battleships in groups, small enough to combat the frigates without wasting huge amounts of firepower.  These models are two-part resin (which was again really easy to pin and glue) and one part metal engine cap.  Again the engine cap overhangs the hull, but it doesn't look quite so bad on the Cruisers.

Oh yes, the big daddy.  Now this model I really like.  There's a lot of detail along even the smooth section of the hull, and the metal engine cap sits flush to the back of the hull.  A little metal bridge sits on top, but the hull itself is one big resin piece.  No clever assembly required here, folks!  After all those fiddly and sadistic Nomad models I found the ease of construction soothing.

I can't emphasise enough how much I like this model.  After my small complaints against the smaller ships, this ship really looks the part and suits its place as the centrepiece of the fleet.  I think I'll probably drill out the cannon holes / launch tubes to give a slightly better look to them (it's a shame to have them look flat with the detail around them).  Now, what colours to paint it?  Blue, obviously, possibly with an orange stripe?

I'm so predictable.

The Stands
Opps, knew it was a little too good to be true!  The plastic stands supplied with the models are (as always with these things) the downfall of the kit.  One of the shafts for my stands was missing completely, and another stand base snapped while getting the shaft into it.  When you're competing with the GW flying bases and you come off worse, you know you did something wrong.  Also, if you plan on transporting these anywhere you'll need to magnetise the stands - the smaller ships won't "sit" on the stand like the bigger ships will, so you'll either have to glue them and watch the stands snap in transit, drill deeper or magnetise.

And one big daddy.  Now that is a ship.
Not a deal breaker, but an annoying oversight that could have easily been fixed.  Still, awesome battleship. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...