This one is a bit of a gush, but I've had amazing service from these guys and I just wanted to put this out there.

Maelstrom are a UK-based independent that stocks most any wargame I give a monkey's about.  Now, they aren't the biggest store around, but the service I have received from these guys has been absolutely top notch.  They carry a staggering range of products which is both a blessing and a curse (stop taking my money!) and are always my first stop for non-GW purchases (though if I'm buying a bulk load of GW stuff I also often use Maelstrom for it, I just like to support my local GW with little purchases).  Here's a little list of what they've done for me recently:

Model gone missing in the post - Sorry for that, here's a new one (didn't have to bug them at all).
Model out of stock - Split the order and dispatch stuff separately for free.
Need more information on a model or just a general question - Quick, friendly response within minutes.

Nothing helps make an impulse purchase easier than knowing these guys will handle any problem very quickly. Then there's the minimum 10% discount over the RRP and the frequent promotions that knock that discount even higher.  Oh, and free postage.  They've also got gaming halls in hallowed Nottingham (where you can play any game you want) along with their bricks and mortar store.  Oh, and they've got a little loyalty moneyback thing too.

When it comes to making me happy in my wargaming purchasing, friendly customer service goes a long way.

So here's to Maelstrom Games, keep it up guys! Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...