Day Two started out with a rush.  My fellow general and I had stayed up to watch the end of Van Helsing ("It can't be as bad as we remember?") and had overslept.  Overcaffeinated and under-rested we arrived on the battlefield to meet our opponents.

Oh, it's Steve and Al again.  What?  Come on, we drove all up here to play the guys we know?  Twice?  I think not...

Game Four: Eldar and Space Wolves
This was a fun little game.  I hope our opponents thought so!  The mission was to secure objectives and man-handle them back to the attacker's deployment zone.  Defenders just had to hold them, but only scored half as much for each objective.  We, once again, got to be the defenders as the scenario seemed to favour the attackers.  Except, only infantry can carry the objectives.  I don't have any infantry, and the 517th is an Imperial Guard army, so it would have been safe to say that we would have been in a lot of trouble as the attackers.

The early game consisted mostly of dancing around and trying to withstand the Eldar firepower.  Fairly easy, most of it fell off the bikes without much trouble and my Speeders were left to sow havoc amongst the lightly-armoured Eldar skimmers.  Then came the Harliquins.  I should've known not to engage them - if things had gone differently it would've been fair to say we'd have lost the battle.  Engage them, however, I did.  My Captain and his retinue prevailed after several turns of pointy-eared carnage quite a bit worse for wear, but still ticking and surrounded by stationary Eldar skimmers just asking for a good krak grenade.  I vaguely paid attention to the Space Wolves vs Imperial Guard fight going on at the other end of the table: taking care of MEQ problems is what the 517th does.

Shout-out for the cool wave lines on the Tanks.  Nice.
The late game started to worry us.  We had hoped to keep all the objectives out of the deployment zone, and that we'd done.  All would-be couriers of objectives ended up either bogged down in difficult terrain or were stranded and then set alight by Speeder fire.  This had left us overstretched in maintaining control of other objectives and the Space Wolves attempted to capitalise on this to force a draw.  With Space Wolves within charge range of our solitary objective I did a horrible thing - upon suffering a lost bike to melta fire from the Space Wolves I voluntarily (Combat Tactics, ho!) failed the moral test and fled off the table.  We no longer held the objective with that squad, but the Space Wolves could no longer get within contest range.  A second bike squad turbo-boosted up to a second objective in our final turn (defenders went last, again) and managed to win us the match.

A good game, and got the day off to the right start with some friendly opponents.  Two wins and two loses.  Maybe we can come out of this respectably after all.

Game Five: Blood Angels and Space Marines
Breakout.  They're all jump-pack equipped, they have fast vehicles, and we're playing breakout.  Oh, joy.  Turns out the same thing was going through their minds - "Look at all those bikes!  They'll be off the table before we can stop them.".  They won the roll and chose Attackers, attempting to break through our lines and off the board.  My poker face was slipping at this point, that's exactly what I'd realised we wanted.

Early game objectives were simple.  Take out the fast tanks, cripple the jumpers as best as possible and give the Death Company the run around with skimmers.  The foot-slogging Space Marines could wait.  They'd have to cross the open ground eventually and the battle cannons would soon make short work of them.  Surprisingly things went mostly to plan.  Meltas melted, flamers flamed and we managed to cripple most of the initial push early.  My Captain threw himself to his death on turn two to pull a Blood Angel squad further back into their half, and took more than a few Blood Angels with him.  The short range on the Vindicators really hindered the Space Marine army's firepower and other than a few lucky shots with small arms fire, were fairly unimpressive.

See that?  That's panic.
End game was a mop-up operation.  We were panicking with all the Blood Angels almost at the board edge, but it turned out we were in a far stronger position than it appeared.  Battle Cannons once again proved the bane of any MEQ in the open, while the Speeders continued to hassle armour and annoy characters.  The bikers kept out of assault range and pummelled squads with bolter/melta fire.  It went very well and even before the final turn it was obvious that our opponents could not push fast enough off the board.  I had spent my forces blunting the initial rush, but the ever-dependable Imperial Guard were there to hold the line, and hold it they did.

This was a great game, against very friendly opponents who even were really enjoyable to play with.  A perfect game to end the event on.


Game five also left us with this great photograph.  The die just stopped in the middle of the field like that. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...