So, this is part one of my series on the Games Workshop Doubles Event in September 2011.  I teamed up with my Imperial Guard ally to take the Sanguine Swords 3rd Company and the 517th Cadian to war.  We did well, though you'll have to wait for the later parts to see how well.  For now, you just get a breakdown of the army.

Cadian 517th

The Cadian 517th consisted of:

  • Two Leman Russ Battle Tanks.
  • One Leman Russ Demolisher.
  • One Chimera with Command Squad, armed with four plasma guns.
  • One Chimera with Veteran Squad, armed with three melta guns.
  • Sly Marbo!
The Cadians provided our army's "anvil".  The high armour of the Imperial Guard vehicles let us take a pounding that Space Marine tanks cannot rival, and the ability to drop Str 8+ pie plates on the field would prove to be a massive boon.  The Cadians outlasted my Space Marines in pretty much every battle, but this was always their purpose, and they accounted for their fair share of damage.  Marbo provided much hilarity, and often caused the opponents to panic for a turn over a lone guardsman.

Sanguine Swords, 3rd Company

The Sanguine Swords 3rd Company consisted of:
  • Captain Cursus, riding a Bike and armed with a Relic Blade.
  • Two bike squads, armed with 2 melta guns and accompanied by a multi-melta attack bike.
  • Two Land Speeders, armed with multi meltas and heavy flamers.
The Swords provided our army's "hammer".  Able to re-deploy very quickly and deliver melta strikes into high-value targets, they were often engaged with the enemy from turn one.  They lacked the durability of the Cadians, but allowed me to funnel enemies into range or to destroy targets that would prove tough for our ranged attacks.  Cursus often sold his life dearly, but usually managed to cause enough trouble to allow our other units to perform without being tied up in close combat (except when he got Mephiston'd).

Tune in for part two, where I'll be going over our battles from day one, as well as potential fixes and outcomes for those battles.

In the mean time, I leave you with this photograph of the Commander of the 517th, deep in thought while crushing his enemies.

Or about to demo cannon some of my bikes.  Who can tell?

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