Over the past few months I've picked up a lot of new tools and tricks for painting.  The only thing I'm really missing at the moment is a relativistic paint room so that I can squeeze more time into the day.  So I thought for this quick post I'd go over a few things I've bought that have helped me improve.

Privateer Press' "Core Techniques" DVD
Now, this DVD isn't going to teach you established painters anything, but for me it was a really good purchase.  I knew most of the techniques covered, or at least I knew of them, but being able to watch the techniques put into practise on models I own was really useful.  It turned out more like a corrective DVD than a teaching one for me, confirming where I thought I was going wrong and demonstrating better ways to achieve the same effects.

If they get around to making a second DVD, I'll be one of the first in line.

Link to the DVD on Maelstrom here.

Ott-Lite's Portable LED Lamp
Purchased this off eBay for £20 when my previous lamp died.  Oh how I hated that old halogen lamp - it was hot, horrifically coloured and a complete pain to paint under.  My new Ott-Lite, however, is portable (it runs on 3xAAA batteries), omits a naturally-coloured light and produces almost no heat at all.  The Emperor be praised!

I know it might seem strange to celebrate a lamp in such a manner, but when you can't start painting until 8pm you soon learn to value a good light source.

Link to the eBay seller's page here.

Airbrush and Compressor Kit
I love this thing.  It is easily the most expensive item on this list, but even in a few uses I've fallen in love with it.  The kit comes with two dual-action airbrushes (one gravity-fed / syphon feed, the other syphon feed), a quieter-than-I-was-expecting air compressor with 3 litre tank, and the hose/regulator to put it all together.  It makes base-coating  a breeze and destroys the time needed to paint large models such as tanks.  Even on Space Marines it can strip an hour out of the job of painting each marine (big batches of base-coating are the way forward with the airbrush).

I'm really looking forward to trying out using the airbrush to blend the talons of my Trygon, but I must finish those 'gaunts first.  Really, really must before the Necrons arrive.

Link to the eBay seller's page here. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...