Let's get this out of the way:  There's nothing wrong with it.  It's better than metal, but not as good as pure plastic.  Some detail is crisper, but as we're still using the old moulds it's hard to tell for sure.  It's more resilient and so lightweight that it's almost not there.

So, what's the advantage?  Assembly!  I've put together two Hive Tyrants in my time, one metal and one finecast.  The metal one took me two days of drilling, cleaning, pinning, gluing and praying.  In contrast I had the finecast one together in less than an hour, and it doesn't need pinning at all.  The arms on the photo are blu-tac'd onto the model.  Blu-tac!  I will happily pay a five percent premium to not have to use that blasted metal again.

In contrast, it's not as good as the material Privateer Press use for their "plastics".  It's much more bendy, which can be an advantage in some cases but on a supposedly straight sword it's a right pain.  That said it seems as durable as the PP stuff, which is good as I've bounced those 'Jacks all over the living room with no ill effects (so far).

I still handle the material with kid gloves, as a bad scrape or cut can go straight through the model, but I'll get used to it soon enough.  I'd much rather be cautious but not have to carry super-glue everywhere.
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