On your trip to the local GW, have you seen their Spray Gun?  Looks like a plastic hand-flamer and needs a can of propellant.  Don't buy it.  It's crap.  Seriously, you can have mine if you want it.

It eats propellant, has a hard time picking up the paint and when it does pick up the paint it throws it literally everywhere.  I managed to chew through about 2/3rds of a can of propellant and half a pot of Mordian Blue on one Rhino.  One!

It did, however, convince me that some form of airbrush / spray gun would be perfect for basecoating models.  So, I bought the bullet and eBay'd an airbrush kit complete with tank.  This didn't come cheap (just under £100), but considering the price of the GW propellant it'll quickly make itself back.  Tonight I gave it my first attempt.

Please note, the recommended method is not to hold the model in your fingertips while spraying, or at least to wear gloves.  That said, with the dual-action airbrush I was surprised how close you can get to the model while keeping the coat thin.

I managed to basecoat seven models in less than forty minutes, which is pretty damn fast for me, and the overall effect I'm very happy with.  This will make painting tanks and my new game board a lot easier, and will save me a lot of time painting my armies.

Oh, and it used less than 1/8th of a pot of paint on those seven models, and that's with a fair bit of test spraying into cardboard to get the hang of the dual-action trigger.

The results are below.

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