So, after learning my lesson with the 5th Edition Space Marine codex, I've decided to leave as many of my models "convertible" as possible for when the rules change again and I'd rather not buy models I already have all over again.  The logical conclusion of this convertibility is to start magnetising models.  For this first part, I've decided to magnetise both my new Predator and its older sibling.

Step one is easy, simply a bit of sprue with one of the 6mm magnets stuck to it.  This allows the turret to sit in place and rotate.

Step two was the same on the inside of the turret.

  This was the only difficult bit.  Gluing the 3mm magnets inside the turret casing needed a little bit of patience, but you get there in the end.  Ironically this was easier on the fully constructed turret of my old Predator than it was on the one I was assembling.  The good news is that the hole is almost exactly 3mm, so the magnet slots in fairly easily.

On the gun assembly itself, I used a 3mm drill bit to drill out the rods and replace them with a pair of 3mm magnets.  Be very careful here to match up the polarity on the magnets between the gun assembly and the turret.  Most other parts of the model are easy to rip the magnets off if you find you've glued them on wrong, this part not so much.

With the turret done, it's time for the sponsons.  Behind the exposed door here I've glued a 6mm magnet.  I would have taken a photograph, but I forgot until the hull had been glued down, whoops!
Another 6mm magnet on the inside of the sponson mount itself allows the sponson to hold itself in place.
 Just in case I ever field it without the sponsons, I also magnetised the hull doors.  The magnets for these have to be mounted on a little bit of sprue, otherwise the distance between them gets a little too high and the doors start to fall out.
The sponson guns themselves have a pair of 6mm magnets glued on, one to the targeting rod assembly and one to the gun itself.  When magnetising the other set of guns (in my case, the Lascannons), remember to check the polarity with the existing mounts!
 Here we have the finished product, one "Dakka" predator ready for battle.  Currently due to the low points cost and the prevalence of light vehicles in 5th edition this is the favoured configuration.  I expect this to change with the 6th edition Space Marine codex, which is why I'm going to the effort of magnetising it.
Additional Bonus: Oh yeah, I also mounted a pair of 6mm magnets under the smoke launcher points on the hull.  This allows me to mount Hunter-Killer Missiles / Storm Bolters / etc without any real hassle. I think if I do this again I'll also put a second "upgrade point" about halfway down the hull, as the Storm Bolter has a hard time fitting in that location once the exhausts are glued on.

All in all, quite a lot of work, but it should be useful next time I want to swap up the load-out of my predators.  It was fairly easy to pop the gun out of my assembled Predator with a modelling knife, but if you've glued the gun assembly into the turret you're going to have a significantly harder time of it.  Still, worth it to have my two Predators in "Dakka" configuration without having to remind my opponent that the Lascannon is actually an Autocannon.  I'm a strong believer in WYSIWYG in 40k - it helps my opponent make easy target choices, which in turn helps keep the game smooth and friendly. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...