Having grown a little disheartened with my Space Marines (playing, not painting), I've decided to apply what I've learnt on my Tactical Marines and start painting my Cygnar force for Warmachine.

I've started with a Cygnar Lancer, one of the light Warjacks, in case I ruin the model and need to replace it.  Construction was easy, the model is a kind of plastic-y resin that is very easy to trim and drill.  It responds poorly to plastic glue so pinning and super glue was in order.  With the brass rods in place and the super glue set the joints are very sold - my Warjacks are probably the most sturdy models I've constructed.  This particular Warjack has already bounced several feet along the floor without coming apart.

I've started with a Chaos Black undercoat, as always.  The steel parts have then been drybrushed Chainmail first, then lightly highlighted with Mithril Silver (again applied by drybrushing).  For the gold parts I put down a coat of Scorched Brown, then drybrushed several light layers of Burnished Gold on.  This has given it a nice ornate-but-practical look, though the knee caps need a layer or two more.

One thing I found tricky was drybrushing the gold onto the knee cap plates as there is a silver bolt recessed into the knee plate that I really don't want to paint over.  I think with a newer drybrush this wouldn't be a problem, but mine is about five years old and has suffered mightily while rapidly painting Necrons.

All in all I'm happy with the effect so far.  Next step (after cleaning up the over-spill of the drybrushing with some Chaos Black) will be the Cygnar Base Blue armour plates.  This will be my first experience with P3 paints, so it'll be interesting to work with some non-Citadel stuff. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...