Popped in to the Walsall Games Workshop (so should you if you're nearby - Adam, the Store Manager, is one of the better GW employees around), primarily to pick up a new Fine Detail brush but also to find out what's happened to my Librarian.  Seems he's lost in the warp somewhere between Nottingham and Walsall.  Alas, I barely even had a chance to know him.

Melodrama aside, I was wondering if I could actually hold my hand steady enough that a fine detail brush would help.  Turns out it does.

While the lines are still very wavy, and occasionally become thicker for no good reason, the fine detail brush really helped to keep the lines in check.

It hasn't diminished the overall effect, and stands up better under closer inspection than my previous attempts. Using the same ratio as before allows the edges to pop, but thinner lines control it better. Making the initial Ultramarine Blue highlight wider creates a bit more of a layered look, without sacrificing that pleasant comic-book effect.

There are some places on the armour I'm still unsure about highlighting.  Along the edges of the interior plates along the arm and leg looks good, but should there be a line across the top of the forearm, even though it's rounded?

Going to watch my Privateer Press painting DVD in its entirety tomorrow, and see if I can pick up any more interesting tips.  So far it has helped quite a bit, thought more in the way of pointing out that I really was doing it wrong. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...