No new painting over the past few days, British weather means that every time I consider spraying some models the heavens part.  Not to be set back, I've been assembling models in my collection.

First up, we have a Land Speeder Storm.  This one is apparently crewed by Mysterons, but with all the detailing inside the compartments I've decided to leave the Scouts out and paint them seperately.

The model itself was easy to construct, the only issue being a slight bend in the main chassis that has required the green stuff welding you can spot along the top edge.  There's also the bane of all skimmers, the flying base.  This one didn't come with the "ball and socket" connector that my other Land Speeders have.  Bummer.

Some marine conversions round out the modelling day.  The two in the middle are Sternguard Veterans armed with combi-meltas.  This brings my Sternguard squad up to nine members.  One more for a full house.

Flanking the Sternguard are two Tactical Sergeants, both armed with Power Fists to replace my current Power Sword weilding sergeants.  Starting to think all squads should have a Power Fist - the sword simply can't cut it as an assault weapon.

Lastly a bit of an oddity.  Found lost in the warp (read: hidden in an attic), were my Eldar army circa  1996/1997.  You can see how bad I was at painting as a kid.

It's kinda embarrassing how many of these models are still in service (Falcon, Jetbikes, Vyper, Warp Spiders).  Seriously Games Workshop, when the Jetbike be getting some love? Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...