It turns out the style I've been aping is called "Extreme Highlighting".  In the spirit of this I decided to go for an even brighter highlight colour, just to see how things turned out.  This time I used my 4:1 mix for the initial, broader highlights, and went for a 2:1 mix for the edges.  While looking at the paints on the palette I was worried I would end up with a hideous Tron-marine, but forged ahead anyway.

How did I get on? Well, other than having my detail brush split on me at exactly the wrong moment, it went like this.  Up close the edges really pop, more so than I had anticipated, but from a distance the effect is fairly good too.  There's a good few places on this attempt where the edge highlight is far too thick, but until I can replace my fine detail brush I'm fairly limited.  The highlighting on the back of the legplates came out quite well too.

I'm very pleased with the leather on the pouches.  It's just a Scorched Brown base coat with a Bestial Brown highlight, but it turned out very well.  Dab of Mithril Silver on the pouch buttons also helped a lot.  Traditionally I have such problems with leather than I just leave the pouches black.  Hopefully this will start to change.

Quick comparison from a distance shows how it compares to the previous "best effort" marine.  Without a doubt it looks better from gaming-distances than the more subtle, darker highlighting I used on the previous attempt, but that comes at a cost of making mistakes and wavy lines much more obvious up close.  I think I'll probably stick to this colour for the edge highlighting, but I really need to get more brush-time in with this technique.

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